Monetizing the Different Types of Innovation

June 2nd, 2020

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Business Innovation is about creating value.


And the degree to which value creation is monetized, is a very important metric for determining how well innovation contributes to business success.


As with the multiplier effect of new economy companies being greater than established organizations, there is a premium on innovation with new digital capabilities that deliver high value and a  great User experience.


To help with understanding the different types of innovation, the following should be helpful –


1.        An Established Enterprise                  – mainly Monetizes Tangibles

 ie:  many Fortune 500 companies   – with a business largely based on Physical Assets


2.        A New Economy Enterprise             – mainly Monetizes Intangibles

 ie:  Technology companies               – that is largely based on Intellectual Assets


3.       A Future Enterprise

    • can Monetize Intangibles / Tangibles     …. with an increasing digital focus going forward
    • Is good at incremental and sustainable innovation  +  high competencies in disruptive innovation

 …. analogous to having Singles and Doubles hitters in the line-up  +  some Sluggers   — to better position the team to win ball games


While every enterprise recognizes the importance of innovation, and by virtue of becoming a large organization, they have proven their ability to innovate.

However, for an “ Established Enterprise “ to become a “ Future Enterprise “ now, there is a need to also recognize that innovation going forward is fundamentally different than in the past.


In this context, enterprises need to also evolve their Innovation model of “ Process and Predictability ” with “ Insight and Inspiration “ +  an open and agile culture

…. if the goal is to innovate for impact – to meaningfully improve business outcomes.


Predictably, the sooner enterprises get better at Disruptive innovation, the more rewarding innovation is – as can be confirmed by how well value creation is monetized.


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