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CAIL Suite

CAIL enables organizations to leverage the current investment in systems to –
1.  Enhance connectivity, security and modernizing NonStop systems
– bundled solution with host access, embedding, encryption, etc.
… with CAIL Suite

2.  Upgrade to an “Enterprise Connectivity and Security Solution”
– for a single solution to access all Host based applications (NonStop, UNIX, IBM, etc.)
… with Reflection – integrated Micro Focus / CAIL software


Superior connectivity to NonStop Systems with built-in security and modernization capabilities to make it easier to move systems forward, improve the User experience, and produce results.

For more details, please visit –


For ” NonStop In The Enterprise ” insights please refer to –

White Paper : www.cail.com/nitewp
Standardization : www.cail.com/nitep
Enterprise Client Solution : www.cail.com/nite
Single Pane of Glass : www.cail.com/spog
NonStop Standardization Solutions Chart


CAIL Security

To quickly and easily have more trusted systems to comply with security regulations and better assure information privacy

For additional information, please visit www.cail.com/specs

Security Note : Organizations using older versions of CAIL Suite are not affected by the ‘ Heartbleed ‘ vulnerability since all versions are based on the “0.9.8” branch of OpenSSL.

Additional Partnering Solutions

In addition to CAIL being integrated into Attachmate Software for an Enterprise Solution, CAIL is included in NonStop Partner products from –

  1. Blackwood Systems
  2. Computer Security Products
  3. River Rock Software
  4. others

Additional Information

For information, please call or send a message to  info@cail.com

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