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About Us

CAIL successfully enables organizations to leverage the considerable investment in current systems and services with solutions that provide an evolutionary strategy to evolve and improve information services.

This approach provides clients with immediate and important advantages with products having extensive flexibility, scalability, and being cost effective. In conjunction with this, the CAIL emphasis is on :

CAIL’s IoT department provides  “Smart Facilities Solutions”  for the new-normal with : Contact Tracing, Occupancy Monitoring, Predictive Cleaning, Asset Tracking, Environmental Monitoring, Air Sanitization, etc. To better ensure building safety and wellness, these solutions provide real-time data, analysis and reporting to make smarter decisions, extend services, provide more value, better assess business risk, and respond to feedback quickly. By connecting buildings, assets, people and devices through a range of ready-to-deploy IoT solutions, this results in improved tenant satisfaction and property management as well as reducing operating costs and health risks.

CAIL is a private company with Customers around the world who are improving business outcomes by better managing change associated with :


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