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Venture Investing Introduction

The goal of early stage venture funding is to create significant shareholder wealth.

When successful early stage investors and Founders with a significant business opportunity collaborate, the benefits are –

1. For Founders

2. Co-investing with other early stage Investors

The focus is to –

1. Support entrepreneurship with $ and access to expertise (mentoring)
2. Provide Investor value add to increase venture operating capabilities
3. Help people become sophisticated at venture investing

By achieving these objectives –

1. Companies improve the probability of success
2. Investors realize greater rewards (financial, professional, and personal)

To summarize, there are important benefits to Founders by collaborating with sophisticated early stage investors. These include –

  1. Leveraging an extensive network of contacts in the venture and business communities
  2. Having access to Executive knowledge and skills to enhance decision making
  3. Benefiting from the experience of those with a proven ability to create shareholder wealth
  4. Having more options to ramp the business
  5. Greater probability of triggering a liquidity event (with a significant ROI for all stakeholders)

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