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Walgreens Mobile App appealing to people of all ages

The Walgreens Mobile App, already one of the most popular retailer apps in the marketplace with tens of millions of users nationwide, has garnered a particularly robust following among older people — a demographic rarely associated with mobile app adoption.

Walgreens data show over 20% of its app users are age 55 and older, more than twice the percentage of industry averages. According to a 2017 survey by Forrester Research Inc., just 9% of all smartphone owners who use shopping apps at least weekly are 55 and older. Walgreens credits its mobile pharmacy features, such as Pill Reminder and Refill by Scan, for much of its app popularity among older Americans. In fact, 37% of those utilizing its mobile pharmacy tools are 55 or older. By comparison, Forrester data show that only 10% of smartphone owners who use health and wellness apps at least weekly are in the 55-and-over category.



“One of the things we repeatedly hear is that customers really value their connections with individual pharmacists and staff,” said Mindy Heintskill, Walgreens divisional vice president of loyalty. “We wanted to replicate that connection digitally, so customers can get a high-value, personalized experience even when they can’t make it into a store. We created Pharmacy Chat, which enables customers to have access to trusted experts through our site or mobile app anytime of the day or night, wherever they are. We’ve also seen opportunities for tools like individual pill reminders and prescription alerts to help our customers simplify their daily lives.”

Walgreens has made a number of feature enhancements within the app, aimed at better meeting the needs and interests of older adult users. These include:

The mobile app category with the highest proportion of weekly users 55 and over is news/media, at 16%, according to Forrester.

“ You know you’ve got a differentiator in the marketplace with this kind of traction”, Heintskill said. “ With consumer expectations rising, we continue to put customer needs at the center of everything we do. The fact that more than 20% of our app users are in the 55-plus age group is a testament to the extensive research and consumer testing our team conducts to develop the most customer-centric tools for our users. With this, it’s clear innovation at Walgreens is based on customer needs.”


Jan 18, 2018    –    CAIL    –    Mobile Industry Commentary

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