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Similar to how Enterprise Apps make things better for Customers, Partners and Internal Personnel, here are some Personal Apps to improve everyday life –

1. Travel Smarter with  –   Hopper

Hopper saves you time and money by making it easy to organize travel and advising you of flight deals. Select your destination and the Hopper app indicates the best time to travel, track your tentative flight plans, notify you if a cheaper flight becomes available, when to buy your ticket (before a fare increase), etc.











2.  Eat Better with  –  My Fitness Pal

Recognizing there are many healthy eating apps,  MyFitnessPal is one of the best with + 5 million foods in its nutritional database – covering everything from fast food mainstays to smaller mom and pop locations. MyFitnessPal can even track calories and nutritional info from Internet recipes – just copy and paste the URL!  This app is definitely a solid choice for helping you eat healthier.


3.  Make Life Easier with  –  IFTTT

Save time and effort with IFTTT  (If This Than That)  –  a service composed of various “applets” to connect different aspects of your life.  For example, get the daily weather forecast sent to your phone at 8:00 AM each day, have your Instagram posts automatically tweeted out as Twitter images, turn off your phone music automatically when you enter the office, and much more – with  connectivity provided by IFTTT.  Having thousands of combinations, there many ways to make it easier to get through the day – when technology works for you and is seamlessly part of your life.







4. Expand Your Vocabulary with  –  enables you to be a more effective communicator with an expanded vocabulary.   The app has a handy Word of the Day widget that introduces you to a new phrase daily – to improve your language skills quickly.


5.  Make New Friends with  –   Meetup

Meetup is a people-oriented app that helps connect you with folks in your local area who have similar interests. For example, traditionally if you wanted to find a fellow group of jugglers to clown around with, you’d have to hunt pretty hard online, and even then might only find a handful of other clown-enthusiasts.  With Meetup, you can join an existing group, or start a group and watch new members engage.  For example, there are typically interest groups for – hiking, book clubs, entertainment, various hobbies, dinner groups, community events, business topics, etc.  Best of all, people who join Meetup groups are often looking for new friends too – to facilitate making new connections, having shared experiences, building new relationships, etc. – with those of a similar mindset.


6.  Improve Memory with  –  Lumosity

Lumosity is a brain-boosting app that helps you exercise the all-important mind muscle through memory, attention, problem solving, flexibility, and processing speed exercises.  With  over 50 fun and well-designed games, you’ll enjoy staying sharp.











7.  Organize Finances with  –  Mint

Money management can be tough, especially when it comes to juggling loans, credit cards, savings accounts, 401ks, etc.  The Mint app helps you create budgets, track bills, alert you to interest charges or fees, and other finance tasks.  Importantly,  Mint  also makes it easy to keep track of all your accounts in one seamless dashboard.


8.  Saving and Making Money with  –  Acorns

While Mint helps you set up budgets and manage your finance accounts, what about when it comes to managing money? Acorns is an app that makes it easy to invest without requiring willpower to set aside major dollars each month. Acorns can be set up to automatically invest your funds into various stocks, bonds, etc. – helping you grow your money without much effort.  You can also set up recurring daily, weekly, or monthly investments to keep you committed to saving and investing parts of your paycheck  – that may otherwise evaporate !


9.  Learn a New Language with  –  Duolingo

With fun lessons for 10 different languages, the Duolingo app gamifies the process of learning a new language so it is easy and entertaining. All lessons are free, and you can even practice the skills you’ve learned with the app’s conversation bots!










10.  Drink More Water with  –  Waterlogged

There are many reasons why we should be drinking more water – you’ll eat less, your skin will be healthier, and you’ll feel more energized!  While knowing we should drink more water, it can be difficult to commit to chugging all that H20. Waterlogged is an app that helps you meet your recommended daily water intake by reminding you to drink throughout the day – and tracking your water consumption.  Stay healthier and drink up with help from Waterlogged!


11.  Learn Guitar with  –  Uberchord & Guitar Signal

For those who have dreamed of being in a band – but never mastered an instrument,  Uberchord can help you realize your goal of becoming a musician.  This interactive guitar trainer helps you master chords with fingering feedback and hit perfect rhythm with a strumming guide. The app can even use your phone’s microphone to recognize the chords you’re playing (and help you adjust when you’re off), as well as tracking your musical skills progress.







Also visit Guitar Signal for in-depth guides for beginner guitarists.  The blog can be viewed at

12.  Learn To Code with  –  Mimo

With the significant presence of technology in our personal lives as well as in business, coding and developing technical skills is very valuable.  While Duolingo can help you speak multiple languages (ie: German, French, etc.), Mimo enables you to learn languages to program computers.  With the Mimo gamified learning app, you are guided through a variety of coding language lessons, from HTML and CSS to JavaScript and Swift.


13.  Go To The Gym (no excuses) with  –  Pact

With many of us knowing we should exercise more, going to the gym more often and working out regularly can be a challenge ! To help be more fit, the Pact app rewards achievement to members who commit to meeting a goal – whether going to the gym 3 times a week, eating healthier, etc. With each member putting money into a fund, you earn money when you meet your goal – from members who didn’t achieve their goals !  By putting your cash on the line, the intent is to have an incentive to follow through on plans – and develop good life-style habits.


14.  Improve Your Credit Score with  –  Credit Karma

Who doesn’t want a perfect 850 credit score?  Credit Karma  can help you get there.   Receive reports on your credit score and see the various factors that contribute to your rating –  and where you can improve. The app can also monitor your account for suspicious activity and send you alerts.












15.  Sleep Better with  –  Sleep Cycle

Getting a good night sleep is essential for a long, healthy and happy life.   Sleep Cycle  is an app to help you sleep better by analyzing your sleeping patterns and will wake you up within 15-20 minutes of your designated alarm time.  This enables you to go from a deep sleep into a wake up phase – so it’s easier on your brain and body to adjust for the day ahead.  Additional information is at –


16.  Be More Mindful with  –  Headspace

Headspace  is a meditation app to help you be calm by reducing stress, reducing anxiety, and making it easier to cope.












17.  Get Rid Of Old Clutter with  –  Poshmark

Get rid of your old clothes and update your wardrobe with a little help from Poshmark.   The Posh mark app lets you snap photos of your old clothes, choose a price, and sell them – all through your phone. And since you can also buy clothes on Poshmark, you may find the offerings of others appealing

18.  Run More With  –  Zombies, Run

Zombies, Run  is a story-based running app that is a combination of Audible and Run Keeper. You play the role of Runner 5 – an apocalypse survivor-turned-supply-runner that must go out on various missions to protect Abel Township, a community comprised of other survivors.  Through radio broadcasts, you’ll learn the mysteries surrounding the various characters of Abel Township and work to find a cure to the zombie outbreak, all while running.  The app intersperses audio chapters with your own music playlist to provide a mix of story and jams. A popular feature is the zombie chase sequences, which occur a couple times during each run. Zombie chases require you to run faster for a certain period of time to escape flesh-hungry zombies, who you can hear breathing down your neck. Zombies, Run can provide tremendous motivation for those who aren’t normally keen on running, as the story can get quite immersive and will convince you that you simply must run for the good of your township!  This is one of the very few apps doing exercise gamification right. If you like the concept, make sure to check out other workout games from Six to Start, the team behind Zombies, Run.



19.  Go To More Concerts with  –  Songkick

“Seeing more live music” is something many of us would like to do.  However, remembering to check various concert venues on a regular basis is a nuisance. The Songkick app helps by enabling you to track your favorite artists and being advised when and where they’ll be performing – with notifications when they’re coming to town.


20.  Personal Finances / Budgeting – Moneymunk

Budgeting is a way of prioritizing your spending through careful planning and organizing. This planning process lays out where all of your money goes. There are several reasons why tracking and budgeting funds are vital to financial intelligence. Moneymunk has a quick budgeting calculator.  It can be viewed at


21.  The Art of Mindfulness – Relax Like a Boss

What Is Mindfulness? How To Practice Mindfulness, 5 Exercises & The Benefits…

Mindfulness has become a bit of a buzzword over the last few years.  But just what is mindfulness and how can you practice it?  The complete guide can be viewed at

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