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Increase App Impact – with Mobile & Social Media

There is increasing recognition Apps are more effective when ” mobile ” and ” social engagement ” are integrated to enable a company to –

  1.  make it easier for people to engage, and stay engaged, with the organization
  2.  improve and better control the User experience with their brand
  3.  create a more personalized (one-to-one relationship) with the User – Customers, potential Customers, Partners, internal personnel, etc.
  4.  collect User data, and along with creative analytics – provide valuable insights to improve business outcomes

Examples of where this applies include –

1. A very large donut chain has over sixteen million people use their Mobile App with Facebook, Instagram, Kik, Snapchat, and other social networks. Having made major investments in Innovation and Mobile, they are very good at engaging with customers on social channels. This is a significant advantage since nothing influences people more than social content published by their peers. That’s why, in today’s social trust economy, organizations are looking for ways to inspire people to create and share content that features their products and experiences. But that’s easier said than done. In this case, the mobile brand experience would improve by ” not having people go from App to App and social network to social network ” in a cross-platform environment that is not seamless or intuitive for Users due to – AR filters on Snapchat and Kik, hashtag contests on Twitter, and endless stop-motion videos on Facebook. This occurs because the company’s digital brand environment — its Mobile App and website — was not designed with user-generated content or sharing in mind. For further clarification, this is not about adding ” share ” buttons to a website – but about designing products to be truly shareable — giving people a reason to stop, create, and share on behalf of the brands and products they like as a part of the product experience.

The idea here goes much deeper than traditional marketing or advertising where social engagement is typically an afterthought – rather than be a core feature of the product or service, built in at the very beginning of the design and development. Recognizing the company’s Mobile App is highly-rated, heavily-trafficked, and is used daily by many people – extending it with ” mobile ” and ” social engagement ” capabilities is a strategy to better assure it continues to be tops in the App Store charts. While the current App is very functional and easy to use, enabling people to create and share content within the App would make it better. And gets past the “Exit” signs and that push customers towards platforms they don’t own but simply rent access to, like Instagram or Facebook. This is bad for the company and the User because you –

2. Another example of the need to improve an App is at a large coffee chain, a brand with 19 million Mobile App users with chalkboard signs directing Customers to bypass the company App by pointing them to Instagram – to share their Unicorn Frappuccinos, a product that was literally created just to be photographed.

3. The above examples contrast with the Boston Celtics where during the 2017 playoffs they wanted to extend the live game experience to fans who couldn’t be there in person by providing another channel for them to engage with the team – in a way that actually improved on the live game experience. Both at home and in the arena, the Celtics enabled fans to create co-branded content with custom augmented reality filters, and encouraged fans to share their videos across any social network for a chance to be featured live on the Jumbotron. All people had to do was grab their mobile phone and click a vanity URL that the Celtics pushed out across the team’s social channels. From there, people accessed a fully branded digital experience to create and share 15-second videos of themselves cheering for the team. Once finished, they were able to share their content instantly across any social network or messaging app, without ever leaving the Celtics’ own digital environment. And with real-time moderation tools, the team was able to ensure that no inappropriate content made its way online or onto the big screen.

Given the significant benefits, Apps with ” Mobile ” with ” Social Media ” facilitate content creation and sharing for –

  1.  a better User experience
  2.  more ways to attract and engage with people
  3.  new opportunities to improve business outcomes
  4.  higher brand recognition and value


Jan 19, 2018   –   CAIL   –   Mobile Industry Commentary

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