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Mobile Apps and Mobile Websites

Extending organizational capabilities with new Mobile Services is important to –

…. with  “Mobile Apps”  and a  “Mobile-friendly Website“.

Research shows that Mobile Users spend 86 % of their time on Apps – for access to information, to quickly do something, receive messages or notices pertaining to business, social, community,  or industry events, etc.  In conjunction with this,  68 % of Mobile Users are engaging with brands using Apps.  And because these numbers are increasing over time, is why Apps are becoming more important.

This is resulting in organizations implementing Enterprise Apps – both internally and externally, to facilitate User engagement with Customers, Partners and Employees.

Recognizing a mobile website is important, to further expand business opportunities, there are significant additional benefits with a mobile strategy utilizing Apps  to  –

  1. Provide greater User engagement and interaction
  2.  Deliver a better User Experience with
    1. the added convenience and ease of use
      1. …. click on the App icon to get what you want
      2. …. at any time, from any where
    2. personalization based on User profile, location, etc.
    3. native mobile device features
    4. multiple data sources
    5. more relevant reports / displays
    6. add intelligence with Mobile Services using Workflow
  3.  Utilize more comprehensive metrics to –
    1. better manage the mobile experience
    2. meet or exceed User expectations
  4. The ability to do more pro-active, targeted marketing ie:  Alerts, Push Notifications, etc. to selected Users
  5.  Provide instant information access  –   online or offline
  6.  Increased SEO potential for in-App content
  7.  More efficient business processes
  8. Increased security
  9.  Improved productivity – for Internal and External Users
  10. Achieve competitive advantage
  11. Improve the ROI on new initiatives
  12. Reduce costs / increase sales / more profit

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