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Enterprise Client Solution Benefits

The significant benefits with an ” Enterprise Client Solution ” in conjunction with a Corporate Standardization strategy are –

1. Save millions

2. Make it easier to move systems forward

– to deliver new services

– for corporate compliance

– better position IT to support business innovation

…. with a single icon on the screen to access all systems
…. to leverage the investment in all platforms

3. Simplify systems

4. Reduce

– support demands

– costs

5. Better manage change while minimizing risk when improving information services

6. Increase productivity of Technical and Business personnel

7. Consistency in Operations and processes in multi-platform environments

…. with a ” common look and feel ” on the screen

…. a better User experience

8. Have a “ Standard for Host Access ” with System Modernization capabilities

9. Better integrate and aggregate information on the screen from various systems for enhanced reporting, analytics with the ability to –

– move data from one Host system to another

– utilize data from Host based systems in Windows applications (ie: Word, Excel, etc.)

…. with superior interfacing capabilities for seemless presentation of information services to users (based on .Net, ActiveX, Java, Smart Connectors, etc.)

10. A very appealing solution to –

– build on – the familiarity with current systems

– proven CAIL and Attachmate products

– get more value from systems running the business

– deliver results quickly

– realize a fast Return On Investment

Reflection – the ” Enterprise Client Solution ” for all platforms
…. integrated Micro Focus / CAIL software

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