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Enterprise Client Solution Benefits

The significant benefits with an ” Enterprise Client Solution ” in conjunction with a Corporate Standardization strategy are –


1.  Save millions

2.  Centrally manage and make it easier to move systems forward by –

…. with a single icon on the screen to access all systems
…. to leverage the investment in all platforms

3.  Simplify systems

4.  Reduce

5.  Better manage change while minimizing risk when improving information services

6.  Increase productivity of Technical and Business personnel

7.  Consistency in Operations and processes in multi-platform environments

…. with a ” common look and feel ” on the screen

…. a better User experience

8.  Have a “ Standard for Host Access ” with System Modernization capabilities

9.  Better integrate and aggregate information on the screen from various systems for enhanced reporting, analytics with the ability to –

…. with superior interfacing capabilities for seemless presentation of information services to users (based on .Net, ActiveX, Java, Smart Connectors, etc.)

10.  A very appealing solution to –

– proven CAIL and Micro Focus products

Reflection – the ” Enterprise Client Solution ” for all platforms
…. integrated Micro Focus / CAIL software

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