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Tips to Improve Innovation Metrics

1.  Knowing how to think with a mindset based on –

This is important to “ Innovate for Impact “ with a future oriented approach and fresh perspective with a mindset for exponential growth and an openness for new ways to create wealth

….  instead of the typical innovation approach that is –  today centric / historically based / incremental change.

Fundamentally it’s about thinking and planning differently to be much better positioned to achieve big results by driving meaningful change and overcoming the numerous obstacles to realize success – financial and intellectual. 

An example of this is the “ Mouse in the Maze “ puzzle whereby to find the path you can – 

A.  Begin at the start (entry to the maze)  and eventually get to the end (the mouse)

                             – or – 

B.  Begin with the mouse (the destination / objective) and work backward to the start

…. with goal oriented thinking and knowing where you are now, it’s much easier and quicker to have a path forward.  

This is analogous to ‘ Plan the Work ’  then ‘ Work the Plan ’ – either with specific objectives or in setting a new direction


2.  Being good at identifying and engaging with “ Top talent “

A.  Look for evidence of a person with exceptional  –


B.  To confirm they are exceptional, have them indicate –

…. both personally and professionally


C.  To further confirm they are exceptional, give them a challenging task

…. ie: something related to the future of the organization, identifying and scoping a new major opportunity, making innovation more rewarding, etc.  


Feb 16, 2021                                     CAIL Innovation commentary                          

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