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Starbucks Launches Instagram AR

“Morning Mantras” is a new mobile Instagram Effect that uses augmented reality (AR) technology and short bursts of poetry to promote Starbucks Coffee for Nespresso Vertuo Machines.


Due to COVID-19, “Morning Mantras” focuses on finding inspiration where many of us are – home.


When users access the Instagram Effect on their phones, they are asked to aim the Starbucks logo at a flat surface, like a desk or kitchen table. From there, a clear mug full of coffee floats up toward the surface beside a Nespresso capsule. Painted butterflies and flowers, buzz and sway, surrounding “Make Room for Gratitude” or another mantra.


“Morning Mantras” are accessible and easy to share with anyone who has a smartphone.





Sept 23, 2021                         CAIL Innovation commentary               


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