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Apps for Entrepreneurs

1.  Accompany

A virtual “chief of staff,” Accompany does all the research necessary to prep you for big meetings by emailing you a concise briefing beforehand.  This app provides all the pertinent information you will need by connecting to your Google or Microsoft email account, your mobile calendar and your Facebook and Twitter accounts. It examines your personal data and goes through biographies and other information online to create summaries of each of your contacts.

2.  Pocket

This “save for later” app enables you to file away useful articles, interesting videos and any other content that you want to hang on to for future use. When you find something you want to view later, simply put it in your Pocket, and you’ll be able to access it from your phone, tablet or computer, even without internet access.

3.  Slack

This team communication tool gathers group exchanges into one place, making information instantly available and searchable wherever you go. Slack is currently the fastest-growing B2B application, used by over 4 million active users daily.

4.  Buffer

As a powerful social media publishing tool, Buffer streamlines the process of connecting with colleagues by making it easy to schedule content on social media and increase your reach by ensuring you get the most out of each post. With one click, you can share content across multiple social networks and ensure that it’s posted at the optimal time so more followers will see your updates.

5.  Salesforce1

Salesforce1 empowers you to connect directly with your customers and run your business from your phone – to channel all your customer information into a single, integrated platform, enabling you to build a client-centered business that includes marketing, sales, customer service and business analysis. This provides a more complete understanding of your customers, enabling you to drive business success and make smarter decisions from anywhere in real time.

6.  Square

Square credit-card processing works for any size business, and is easy to do from anywhere. Square enables you to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express – all for one low rate. Once you sign up, they will send you a free magstripe reader, or you can use an iPad in a Square Stand for countertop sales. The Square Register app also includes various useful tools to help you manage every area of your business.

7.  Toggl

Toggl simplifies tracking and logging of your time – that eliminates the need for timesheets. This app allows you to track time from a browser, computer or smartphone so you don’t lose a minute of billable time. Further, you can organize your time by project or tag, and mark as billable. If you forget to turn it on, just enter the time later.

8.  Trello

Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards, lists and cards – so you can better prioritize work and life. At a single glance you can see what’s being worked on, who’s working on what and where in the process a project is. It makes project management easy and quick for work assignments, family tasks, travel plans, etc.

9.  MobileDay

This one-touch dialing app gets you into all your conference calls on time and quickly. With MobileDay, there’s no more searching for misplaced conference call PINs or passcodes. The app auto-syncs with your iOS or Android calendar and plugs you into your calls with one click – so you can connect to that business call from anywhere.

10.  Workflow

Workflow enables you to connect the best features of your applications, so you can combine multiple steps across a number of apps into a single tap. With Workflow you can create shortcuts, manage your media and share content. It has been lauded as the “Swiss Army knife” for completing complicated tasks, and basically feels like you’re designing your own app – but much easier.

11.  Box

Box offers a simple, secure way to share files and collaborate with coworkers, customers and partners. It allows you to centralize your files, keep your team on track and simplify workflow, and negate the need for email attachments. You can create, edit and review documents with others in real time from anywhere and on any device, and can view full documents without needing to download the file first.

12.  Wunderlist

Wunderlist helps you tick off your personal and professional to-do list by getting your life in sync and making it easy to share your lists. A cloud-based task-management application, it makes sharing grocery lists, working collaboratively on projects or planning household activities and vacations easier. It syncs with your phone, tablet and computer so you can access your lists from anywhere.

13.  CloudMagic

If your inbox fills up quickly, you need CloudMagic – an email management app with searching capabilities, cross-platform support and a good user interface. The app can scour all of the email you’ve ever received to locate exactly what you’re looking for. CloudMagic also supports multiple accounts and includes a feature called Cards – which connects services like Evernote, Pocket, Trello, Salesforce and Microsoft OneNote. This makes it easier for users to get the information they are looking for without leaving their email.

14.  Wave

Wave helps you create and send professional invoices, estimates and receipts in seconds. This app keeps your business organized and running smoothly by tracking income and expenses effortlessly, with receipt-scanning tools and bank connections. It includes a suite of online small-business software products, including direct bank-data imports, invoicing and expense tracking, customizable charts of accounts and journal transactions.

15.  HelloSign

HelloSign is the easiest and simplest way to handle contracts or other agreements on the fly, because it lets you view and sign without visiting the office. This app also eliminates the burden of needing to print, sign and scan a document to be sent back. It allows you to just use your fingertip to sign any PDF file and forward it to the necessary party.

16.  1Password

1Password enables you to put all your passcodes into one safe place online. This app keeps all your passwords and important information protected behind your Master Password. It has extensions or plug-ins for all the major browsers, and can securely store other things, like credit cards, bank accounts and licenses. You can save all the entries from a webpage form, to facilitate remembering answers to security questions or providing other information.

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